XPages are a rapid web and mobile application development platform. The programming model is based on standards and common web development skills like JavaScript, Dojo, JSF and it leverages IBM Lotus Domino functionality like the document oriented database.

XPages applications are hosted by IBM Lotus Domino, a system which is proven in production with more than 145 million sold licenses.


The following documents summarize the XPages programming model which is an integrated and comprehensive combination of these technologies:


XPages in a Nutshell (see here for more)

  • Rapidly deliver on business objectives with a tailored solution
  • Access where you need it
  • Leverage industry standard web development skills
  • Proven in production

Why should I use XPages?

  • Developing applications is easy and fast
  • People with appropriate skills are broadly available
  • Running applications is cheap (low TCO)
  • Upgrading applications is not necessary (long lasting applications)
  • Notes/Domino is THE application development platform for IBM Lotus products


When should I use XPages?

  • For business applications that need to be rapidly developed
  • For good looking applications with a rich user experience
  • For collaborative applications
  • For applications with web and mobile interface and potentially a rich client interface including offline
  • For applications that need to integrate well with other Lotus products


How do I build XPages applications?

  • Primarily with IBM Lotus Domino Designer
    • Rapid application development
      • Short time to market/value
      • Driven by line of business
    • Extensible since Eclipse based
  • Third party tools can be used for CSS, client side JavaScript debugging, etc.
  • Optionally: Eclipse IDE to extend the XPages runtime


Where is the XPages community?

  • OpenNTF
  • StackOverflow
  • Blogs and Collaboration Today
  • YouTube
  • GitHub
  • IBM Wikis
  • Partners and developers